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  • Comprehensive European study on the Economic Benefits of Active Transport     (...Cycling produces global benefits of 150 billion euros per year. More than 90 billion euros of these are positive externalities for the environment, public health and the mobility system. In comparison, a recent study by the European Commission estimated the negative externalities, i.e. the costs for the environment, health and mobility, of motorised road transport at 800 billion euros per year.)
  • Dutch Cycling: Quantifying the Health and Related Economic Benefits, by Fishman, 2015.   A short paper that illustrates the very significant health and economic benefits of Dutch cycling.  For example “.. these large population-level health benefits translate into economic benefits of €19 billion per year, which  represents more than 3% of the Dutch gross domestic product..”
  • Evaluating Active Transport Benefits and Costs …” by Todd Litman, updated in 2023.  A detailed Canadian analysis of the value of walking and cycling programs.

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